Common Dog Training Mistake Should Be Avoided While Training

Common dog training mistakes

Dog Training is the most concerning topic, well you training your dog or planning to train please keep these following in mind while training your dogs.

#1 Don't Waiting to long to start

Basic-training to dog

Don’t waiting until your dog gets old start as soon as possible teach your dogs how to response at various situation and tell how to sit and lay or bow down should start from basic training from home no professional commands, teach them where to pee.. After your training dog will become mature obedient and follow every action you want them to do.

#2 Expecting Too Much Too Early

Dogs takes time to understand and they require consistency. Every dog learn at its pace if your dog isn’t catching every action you tough, its always better to brake every part in pieces and teach separately, Start with easy action and than to higher, next time you will see a drastic change in your pet you can also check Guide for dog training

#3 Yelling or Using Loud Voice

Dogs are like child as you response them with clam way they obey your every rule, An angry or raised voice will show that you are already angry from them they will avoid you in every situation call them with respect their is than joy of living.

#4 Harsh Discipline

Mostly dog trainer says that hard punishment or betting dog doesn’t change dog behavior expect that applause and appreciation works well! it is called positive dog training, you can also spray or shock collar keep in mind should not be used to harming the dogs or on sick dogs.

#5 Don't Always training at Same Place


Don’t train them at same place if you will be teaching at same place your pet will get stagnant and only understand only one place like you teach your dog how to sit in your drawing room if you say so to sit on stair he will become thoughtful so, train them on road and take them to different places to teach them.

#6 Too Many Treats


Dog forget to praise them every time treat will make them lazy and will work only when you treat them, And keep in mind don’t treat too much sugar in their food it should be avoided every time

#7 Use Training Collar

germin Shock collar training

You must be thinking….? what is dog training collar these are collar which are used to train your dogs and always best choice to change the behavior of your dogs to stop excessive barking as well make them obedient pet Best German Dog Training Collar

Final Verdict

These are the following Dog training tips you should keep it effective and successful, these are 7 tips must add in your training these mistakes will hurt in future. Common dog training mistakes should be keep in mind before bringing any pet at our home.

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